Monday, February 13, 2006

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep mania

I've been preoccupied with this song for months, ever since I heard it on a bubblegum compilation. It's credited to Kisoon, Mac and Katie (really catchy band name, I will admit) but I think it's timeless, part of our species' DNA, a melody that's hard-wired into our collective consciousness. It keeps coming up by apparent coincidence. My friend Bill contacted me recently to tell me of this great song he heard on a Cambodian Rocks compilation. Naturally, it was "Chirpy." He said he thought he'd heard before on an album I taped for him back in the days of cassettes -- something called Vacaciones En Mallorca. It's kind of like this one

But it's not. Anyway, sure enough, "Chirpy"'s on it, in a rousing Spanish version. And now Chirpy mania is sweeping the nation, straight out of my private world of obsession and onto the Muzak at Two Boots in Rockefeller Center. I feel like I am in some simulacrum world designed from the refuse of my imagination. What's next, besides seeing the same faces on the subway regardless of what time I ride?

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