Saturday, June 04, 2005

Stop Coldplay

At last! How reasuring it was to see in the Arts section of the Sunday The New York Times the beginning of the backlash against the inexplicably popular Coldplay. The writer, Jon Pareles, was afraid he was the only one who thinks that Coldplay is "the decade's most insufferable band" but he's not. It just seems that way because of the hegemony of opinion around them enforced by fawning media coverage, ubiquitous airplay, and high corporate stakes in their success. It's good to see the cracks in the monolith finally showing. I have wondered since I first heard of this band why anyone would feel any passion about it and when they would go away. It was an ill wind blowing through pop music that brought Coldplay and their oppresive mix of contrived earnestness and self-absorption to the forefront -- as Pareles notes, anthemic self-pity is an especially toxic mix. But it's one that mirrors the personality that rampant consumerism expects in individuals, a self-pity so concentrated you don't recognize the underlying conformity (everybody's vicariously pretending to be pathetically alone on the largest stage in the world with Chris Martin). The kind of self-centeredness and unrestrained individualism that Coldplay's music implictly endorses as a winning personality trait is the very thing that ultimately prevents communitarian aims, that makes absurd the idea that you should be selfless without getting to whine to the entire universe about how much you are sacrificing. It's ego music of the worst sort, and its listeners are encouraged by it to retreat into its eiderdown layers and make an ostrich hole out of them, since what is going on between a person's ears (or in their "heart") is all that matters in the world anyway.
Hopefully this article will be the first voice in what will become a chorus of naysayers to the oppressively antiseptic music of earnest ego. And then maybe they will go after Kanye West, another inexplicable musical hero, prized for his very ineffectuality and inoffensiveness, next.


  1. Chris Martin said:

    Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and they released their new album yesterday. I camped out in front of iTunes for weeks waiting for it to become available. Finally I got my wish and I must say I wasn't disappointed. I suggest checking out the full album.

    Yes I am an ego maniac, but would you listen to my music if it were all about banging Gwyneth Paltrow? I need to stoop to your pathetic level of depression in order for you to relate to me. And buy my stuff.


    anon ron hater said...
    thanks anon ron, i read 4 words of your shyte article and saw where that was going. try advertising somewhere else. also, find better use of your time than looking for positive posts on the Coldplay CD so you can direct people to your self propaganda. we don't care. and your writing really sucks - which is awful for a "writer", which i am not. tool.

    (after which, "hater" was told that anon ron isn't the writer of Marginal Utility)

  3. Othello was so insightful. Shakespeare was a brilliant man. Iagophoenix is a fucking queen.


    Poo Dollar said...

    As for marginal utility, anon ron hater (is he related to Ronnie Runsalotte?) was right. That blog is shyte. Not because of the Coldplay bashing, but because of the a-fucking-trocious writing. I love how he talks about "ego music" and people whining. Jeebus man, that whole blog is a whining mess and he clearly writes in such a pretentious way as to inflate his ego. "Dealing with Contemporary Consumerism" - I know one way to deal with it. It's a game called Poo Dollar. You wipe your ass with a dollar bill and place the poo side down on the sidewalk. Then you hide somewhere and wait for a victim to pick it up and then yell "Poo Dollar!" They drop it in disgust and you have taught them that money (and consumerism) is shit. Just like that blog.

  5. Ok then bud , Lets have a listen to the music you make , and well take it from there ..

    If you don't like don't listen ..

    A wise man once said , those who critisise do so out of ??