Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Real (estate) Tragedy

It's always helpful to have The Wall Street Journal around to put things in perspective. This from B4 in today's edition, a story called "Paradise Could Be Lost for Foreign Home Builders in Sri Lanka"

"The tsunami, which killed more than 155,000, including 30,000 in Sri Lanka, also battered this country's nascent market for vacation property."

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  1. I completely get your point, but do you think that the WSJ shouldn't publish such articles? Or is the timing too soon? Or should a different publication tackle the issue? I mean, greed and business trends and opportunities are the Journal's bread and butter. There are businesspeople in Sri Lanka who weren't near the waves but will now be hurt by the aftershocks. I think it's both callous and appropriate at the same time. It coexists in both states at once.